Dental Software

Dental software allows you to retrieve patients’ files instantaneously and organize their database more expansively. With dental software, you can concentrate on fast service and customer satisfaction. The majority of dental offices are now computerized with advanced software to simplify the intricate process of clinical practice and patient management. Software serves in a wide variety of applications, ranging from the substitution of routine office paperwork to more sophisticated imaging techniques. The handling of administrative tasks such as patient record keeping, inventory control for dental supplies, appointment scheduling, insurance processing and real-time reporting when the transaction actually takes place are made easy using the PMS or practice management software. Many versatile Windows-based software programs exist that permits the dentist to do chair-side data entry and scheduling. Presently, many of the web-based dental PMS programs are also obtainable that offer sophisticated solutions to enhance clinical practices.

Dental software is perfect for those with a vast client base. It is also quite useful in centralizing database, especially in cases where you have two or more clinics that share the same client-base. However, dental software is not just for the bigwigs, it can also be very helpful for minor clinics that plan to expand or keep a complete record of their patients. No dental record will be lost if you have dental software, and this is ideal for developing and maintaining customer relationships. Every interaction and procedure from as far back can be recorded and retrieved in a matter of mere seconds.

The progression of computer technology and superior methods of medical imaging have complemented dentists well in diagnosing and planning the course of appropriate treatment. The imaging software with digital modalities like 3-d modeling, intra-oral video camera and X-ray units, and cephalometric and tomographic X-rays, assist the dentists in making critical decisions. The imaging software has been used in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics to a large extent.

In cosmetic dentistry, the software’s ultimate purpose is to enhance the consciousness of esthetic dental treatment. The main function of the cosmetic imaging software is to permit the manipulation of smiles and simulation of the results in the proposed treatment. There are smile libraries and databases to discover and judge the procedures to be followed.

Computer image-guided surgery is vastly followed in numerous branches of surgical interventions. It was introduced in the early 80s in the form of simulated operations; today’s image-guided surgical systems are extremely precise and safe systems. They are manipulated predominantly by an infrared light, and functions without a mechanical link between the operative field, instruments and computer. Dentists are widely using this revolutionary technique in the application of oral implants, taking into consideration the need for outstanding safety and accuracy for this procedure.