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Concerned About Employee Resistance to New EMR Software?

You’ve heard about the cost savings of using the right Medical Practice (MP) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. You know that thoseMeaningful Use incentive payments are going to help your practice stay afloat. You recognize the value of cutting man hours so you aren’t paying employees to do work that could be automated. You also know that it’s important to stay on top of stringent security requirements so that your practice stays in compliance with HIPAA.
The only problem is this: you can’t get your employees excited about the change.
You’re not alone. Doctors, medical practice managers and even hospital administrators are facing the same problems you are. Whether you still haven’t made the switch from paper to paperless or you have already invested in software that isn’t quite working for your practice, you are concerned that your employees will resist making the change.
Not Happy With Your Existing Electronic Medical Records Software?
The year 2013 was a year of transition for a lot of medical practices, meaning a lot of clinics and independent physicians installed MP or EHR/EMR software. However, a lot of the early software packages that were marketed to doctors were not user-friendly. Medical practices report having trouble with the following:

  • Training that adequately taught staff how to use the software
  • Support for ongoing questions about how to use all the functions of the software
  • Lack of user-friendly features, meaning the software was difficult to interpret or use

This can be very discouraging for practices that have purchased software, only to realize they bought a system that isn’t working for their practice.
Still Haven’t Transitioned to Paperless?
If you are still using paper records, you’ll be happy to hear that now is the time to switch. Software companies have worked out the kinks, so you can find tried and true software that is perfect for your practice.
According, a recent national survey of independent physicians and medical practices concludes that practices that switched from paper to electronic medical records have experienced significant savings. The survey results show that, on average:

  • 79% of clinics and doctors who switched to EMR software report that their practice now functions more efficiently
  • 82% also say they have saved man hours (labor) through electronic prescribing
  • 75% report that they get lab results more quickly
  • 70% believe their data security has been improved
  • 68% of EMR software user say the system is an asset when trying to recruit new physicians to their practice

Help your employees to realize the long term benefit of making the switch by scheduling a demo with MediPro. Then you can actually show them the following:

  •  How much easier it is to securely share patient information, schedule appointments, answer patient questions and stay on top of patient-practice communication.
  • How much faster the lab can communicate with the doctor, the patient and the clinic staff, communicating essential information without the hassle of wait for doctors to be available.
  • How e-prescriptions will reduce time spent on the phone or faxing information to pharmacies and will lower the number of required time spent on the phone with patients.
  • How much less time is required to update charts and records

Your employees will be amazed at how simple and intuitive a tailored PM or EMR software program can be.
How Can You Overcome Employee Resistance?
MediPro is aware of these obstacles. We’ve strategically partnered with software manufacturers who have analyzed user reports and created software programs that are:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to teach
  • Well supported by customer service
  • Highly rated by medical practice staff

We’ve combined our training and support staff with healthcare-specific software that is intuitive and simple.Schedule a demo orcontact us to get personalized information via our contact form. MediPro will help you choose the right software for your practice, and then we will give you the support you need to ensure that your employees have a positive experience – right from the start.

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