Choosing the Chiropractic Software to Suit the Office

There are many different types of chiropractic billing software on the market, which can be confusing to choose between. Some chiropractic software is intended to manage patient records, while others are specific insurance billing software. In order to find the correct medical billing solutions, chiropractors and their staff must come together to choose the chiropractic software that will suit there needs. One of the most popular types of chiropractic software is Lytec software, which has been around since 1989. They are known as a superior chiropractic software provider for their ability to manage records and supply excellent customer support. Lytec software is a type of chiropractic billing software that also handles appointment setting and other necessary functions. Lytec software includes a program called Code Import that dramatically reduces coding errors. Lytec software also has the Fee Schedule Import feature in its program, which automatically loads Medicare fee schedules into the Lytec software. This saves time and improves accuracy. All of these features are valuable medical billing solutions. Another type of chiropractic software on the market is Eclipse Practice Management Software, which has been providing medical billing solutions for over 20 years. They offer one of the most comprehensive chiropractic software packages, which includes billing, scheduling, records, daily notes, an extensive alerts system, and certified HIPAA compliant electronic claims and remittance. The Eclipse chiropractic billing software also has security features that include patient data access tracking to help run a HIPAA compliant office, among other features. The company also claims that their chiropractic software can streamline office records and create a virtually paperless office. Then there is ChiroSoft, a chiropractic billing software program designed especially for chiropractic offices. They have been offering their medical billing solutions since 1982, and their fee slip feature is their claim to fame. “A fee slip is printed on each patient before they see the doctor,” according to their Web site. “This allows for easy communication between the front desk and the chiropractor. The front desk must post services into ChiroSoft to cancel out that daily fee slip.” They say this prevents billing software data from being missed by the office staff. Another widely used chiropractic software program is Chiropractic Complete Max Pro. This chiropractic billing software company claims to save time, improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase productivity, and maximize profits. Their medical billing solutions include a variety of tools to maximize the performance of the chiropractic office. Their chiropractic software includes flexible appointment scheduling, automated payment plans, statistical reports and the ability to bundle procedure codes that are used daily for quick reference. Other features of the chiropractic billing software include multiple case management without creating double patient accounts, mailing list creation, electronic patient records, front desk management, and marketing tools. Each type of chiropractic software offers its own unique advantages, which will benefit certain offices differently. This is why staff and chiropractors must come together to choose the billing software that will benefit them the most.