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How to Choose Specialty Medical Practice Software

If you work in a specialty medical practice like a podiatry or a chiropractic practice, you know that most specialty practices face unique challenges. You don’t have the expansive budget or support larger health care groups have. Providers that work in hospitals or group practices have office management staffs that support them and make decisions about things like record keeping and certifications for them. Independent providers and small practice owners don’t have this kind of support.
Unfortunately, working in the medical profession continues to get more and more complicated. All medical professionals (regardless of practice size) have to keep up with changes in:

  • Regulations
  • Certifications
  • Marketing
  • Competition
  • Healthcare advances
  • Changes in treatment strategies
  • Expectations for patient-doctor communication and confidentiality
  • Technology
  • Legal issues
  • Billing
  • Insurance claims
  • Liability issues
  • Overhead expenses

The list goes on and on.
Simplifying the Burden on Solo Practitioners and Small Practices
Independent practitioners and small specialty medical practices have to carry these burdens alone. You probably rely on a small support staff, but employing these people cost money, and training them (and keeping up on changes) takes time. Most solo practitioners and small practices find themselves wondering if they can continue on this path or if they will need to close down and look for work with a larger institution.
However, one of the most recent changes in health care expectations actually works in favor of solo practitioners and small practices. These changes may at first look like they are yet one more burden, but the long term relief (and monetary rewards) of these changes are making it easier for practitioners to remain solo or in a small practice.
How EMR and PM Software Helps Specialty Practices Stay Afloat
You’ve heard of the newMeaningful Use certification incentive programs, right? At first glance, you probably thought, “Oh, no… not another set of hoops to jump through.” However, these changes are helpful, once you understand how they work.
You already know that record keeping is a pain. The ever-increasingly stringent security and legal concerns about confidentiality, when combined with patient requests for more open communication, can be overwhelming. The use of Electronic Medical Records or Practice Management software solves many of these problems, including the following:

  • One-click sharing of information in a secure manner, HIPAA- compliant from all angles
  • Easy billing and filing of claims
  • Auto-population of records (when using specialty-specific software templates)
  • Reduced time researching what you need to comply with (training and support takes care of that, including ongoing updates to make sure you remain compliant with medical industry standards)
  • Reduced need for you to train your staff – MediPro takes care of this for you, providing initial training and on-going support

You’ll also receive monetary benefits and savings that quickly pay for the software and will continue to deliver on-going savings such as:

  • Government incentive payments rewarding you for making the switch with successful attestation
  • Time and cost savings in labor hours
  • Less stress, since you won’t have to stay on top of nearly so many issues, making it possible for you to focus on your patients

Problems Specialty Practices Encounter With Software
If you’ve already switched to using software but are having problems or not seeing monetary returns, you’ve probably made one of the following very common mistakes:

  • You bought software that is not designed for a small specialty medical practice, so the features don’t meet the needs of your practice
  • You bought software without training and support, so your staff is struggling to use the software and it has added problems instead of lessening your burden
  • You bought software that is not Meaningful Use certified, or is not supported by training and support that will get you approved for the government incentives
  • You paid big bucks to an in house or independent technical staff to create custom software for your practice, and now you realize it isn’t integrating with other medical professionals and medical facilities

All of these problems can be solved by purchasing the following:

  • Software that is specific to your specialty medical practice
  • Meaningful Use certified software that is supported by certified staff

Take it from one of MediPro’s satisfied customers, Eric J Lullove, podiatrist, who says in his testimonial: “I know the cost incursion is tough, but sometimes it’s worth it financially to be at peace with your ability to have an electronic office that is easier to use.”

Need Help?
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MediPro will get you set up with the right software, with the right support so you can take advantage of government incentives and cost and time savings.

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