6 Time Wasters That Could Be Happening In Your Medical Practice

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At the turn of 2016, MediPro made a New Year’s resolution to help medical practices and billing services become more efficient.  We’ve made some headway thus far but there is much more that needs to be done. So I’ve identified some of the biggest “Time Wasters” that occur in medical offices–which through the use of… Read more »

Does the concept of FREE Medical Software exist in the Healthcare Marketplace?

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Who doesn’t love a bargain?  I like saving money just like the next person but have you ever thought as to how a FREE product could eventually affect your business?  Can you really trust your livelihood, making payroll, and managing patient care with a FREE medical software program?  Those who say ‘yes’ are more than… Read more »

Coping With the No-Shows

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by Physicians Weekly | May 18, 2016 5,941. Are you kidding me? Disturbed by a rising no-show rate in our residents’ practices, we ran the numbers the other day. Looking back over the past year, we discovered something remarkable, and worrisome, about patients scheduling appointments in our practice. Surprisingly, that number, 5941, represents those patients… Read more »

6 Ways To Free Up Time In Your Practice

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Patient care is the top priority and a source of passion for physicians, but making sure the business side of your practice is healthy also can contribute to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.  Learn six ways to streamline revenue-related processes to maximize the amount of time available for patient care from the AMA Wire®. Once… Read more »

What Would You Do If You Lost All Of Your Data?

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  I am personally writing to you because I am still shocked at the number of customers that we talk to that are not doing proper backups.  We recently had three clients that have lost all of their data, not just practice management data but medical records data as well because they weren’t backing up… Read more »