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What to Do When You Get a Bad Physician Review

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What Should a Doctor Do When They Get a Poor Online Review? Bad physician reviews happen, even to the best of doctors. Someone on the office staff may have a bad day, miscommunications are real and people are human. When patients have a bad experience, they often use sites like Vitals, RateMDs or Yelp to vent… Read more »

Instituting Cycle Billing

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Are you sending all of your bills once a month and getting a rush of questions and calls? Have you considered Cycle Billing?   Cycle billing is – a method of billing customers at monthly intervals in which statements are prepared on each working day of the month and mailed to a designated fraction of… Read more »

Plans for the Quality Payment Program in 2017: Pick Your Pace

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As published on the CMS Blog 9/8/16 By Andy Slavitt, Acting Administrator of CMS   As the baby boom generation ages, 10,000 people enter the Medicare program each day. Facing that demand, it is essential that Medicare continues to support physicians in delivering high-quality patient care. This includes increasing its focus on patient outcomes and… Read more »

Surescripts: E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances Jumps 600 Percent

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The number of transactions over the Surescripts network increased by 48 percent in 2015, according to the company’s 2015 National Progress Report. Surescripts performed 9.7 billion secure health data transactions in 2015, including 1.4 billion electronic prescriptions, 1.05 billion medication histories and 15.3 million clinical messages. Last year, after processing 6.5 billion transactions, it reported its volume… Read more »

A popular EHR doesn't mean it's a better EHR

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It appears that some users of a well-known Electronic Health Record (EHR) company are getting quite the jolt after a forced upgrade to a new software version which appears to have caused discord and work flow issues for some medical practices. My extended empathies to those whose daily operations are greatly affected and continue the… Read more »