ICD-10: Who Needs To Be Educated?

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Excerpt taken from McKesson White Paper A McKesson perspective: Preparing for ICD-10-CM/PCS Whether you are a provider of care or a payer that reimburses for care, you already should be preparing your organization for the ICD-10 conversion. You need to educate almost everyone in your organization including: Coders on the expanded code set, medical terminology… Read more »

ICD-10 Basics for Medical Practices (cms.gov)

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The switch to ICD-10 may seem far in the future but don’t let it sneak up on you. Prepare now to avoid panic before the deadline hits! 1. Identify your current systems and work processes that use ICD-9 codes 2. Talk with your practice management system vendor about accommodations for ICD-10 codes 3. Discuss implementation… Read more »

The ICD-10 Training Methods You Can Start Now

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– Brought to you from the Power Your Practice Blog 1. Review and Quiz Keep the quizzes relatively short and pressure-free – some people don’t test well under pressure. The tests are meant to help your staff retain knowledge and allow you to gauge their ICD-10 readiness, not make them experts in a  two-week period. 2. Attend Webinars… Read more »

Which steps can I take to ensure my practice has a smooth transition to ICD-10?

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The following are steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10: — Have a transition plan in place and make sure it documents the steps being followed and the dates that milestones will be achieved to comply with ICD-10 requirements. — Include vendor tasks in your plan and timeline, and make sure… Read more »