CMS: Government shutdown won't jeopardize ICD-10 transition

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However, uncertainty surrounds ICD-10 Coordination Center, ombudsman While officials from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services could not say definitively on a media call Thursday what the status of the agency’s new ICD-10 Coordination Center and its ombudsman would be in the event of a government shutdown on Oct. 1, they did maintain that… Read more »

Some ICD-10 Insight

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At this point, it’s a good idea to conduct one last check to re-confirm if your payers will be ready to accept ICD-10 codes on 10/1, your respective clearinghouse testing has been completed, the physicians and staff in your group are comfortable with the new code set, and your medical software is ready.  If you… Read more »

14 and rounding the corner

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We are rounding the ICD-10 corner with 14 days left until this “historic undertaking” envelops the healthcare industry with the change over to the ICD-10 code set.  Are anxiety levels high, are medical offices and billing services encountering head scratching moments of coding confusion, are providers taking out additional lines of credit?  Unfortunately, the answers… Read more »

Medicare Has ICD-10 Accommodation Period, But What About Others…?

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In early July, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services struck a deal with the American Medical Association in which CMS agreed to a one-year Medicare payment accommodation period after the ICD-10 October 1 compliance date in which claims incorrectly coded would be paid as long as they are coded in the appropriate family of… Read more »

Less than 50 days

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Over the past few weeks, MediPro, Inc. has received an influx of calls and inquiries regarding ICD-10.  We certainly understand this is a large scale transition and it affects everyone in the healthcare industry.  Part of our mission is to educate MediPro customers with the latest news, tools, and resources to help with practice readiness… Read more »