Medical Revenue Cycle Management

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Revenue Cycle Management Revenue Cycle Management is a key part of managing the business side of a medical practice. The best medical practices, clinics and hospitals have mastered merging the clinical and business functions. RCM goes far beyond simply managing billing. RCM enables you to see where your money is going. From top level views… Read more »

EHR Medical Software Programs

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CureMD Electronic Healthcare Records Software This article provides an overview of the CureMD All-in-One EMR software solution for medical practice management. We will introduce the practice management software features that make CureMD among best medical software for clinicians. Why Use EHR Systems Medical software programs empower you to improve the efficiency of managing electronic health… Read more »

EMR Security, Privacy and HIPAA Compliance

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Protecting Electronic Medical Records and Medical Practice Liabilities EMR discussions usually focus on what are the best EMR systems and specific functionalities. Most medical practices shopping for one of the best medical software programs overlook two very important considerations – EMR security and HIPAA compliance. Read further to learn why they should be part of… Read more »

Advantages and Disadvantages of EMR vs. Paper-Based Records

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Electronic Medical Records vs. Paper-Based Records This article presents the advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records (i.e., EMR, EHR) and paper-based medical records advantages and disadvantages. This article takes a practical look at how converting from manual record keeping to EMR software typically affects a private medical practice. The Growing Need for EMR –… Read more »

Medical Software Implementation Needs a Project Champion

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Medical Software Implementation Best Practices Medical software implementation should be relatively easy. Someone would recognize a need, find the best software to address that need, and everyone would be on the same page from the beginning of the implementation process to the end. Unfortunately, any new medical software implementation is likely to incur a few… Read more »