Cardiology Management Made Easy

Our Cardiology software provides tailor made content for cardiology specific exams and procedure reports such as for CAD, CHF, Chest Pain, Angina created by cardiologists. The system also comes with integrated PACS and interface with medical devices and imaging equipment such as EKG, Stress, Holter, Spirometer and ECHO for swift documentation. Integrated practice management, patient portal, device interoperability, laboratory interfaces and reporting capabilities streamline operations and fulfill regulatory compliance needs while ensuring adherence to best practices, enhances productivity and ensures financial stability of practices – connecting thousands of pharmacies, labs, hospitals, radiology, payers, patients and other providers.

Practice Management System: Boost productivity with enterprise scheduling, eligibility, intelligent billing, denial management, accounts receivables, reporting and analytics, and more.  Sold as as stand-alone system or integrated with our award-winning EHR.

Clinical Documentation: When it comes to ease of clinical documentation, nothing beats our software. While our implementation consultants help you to create your own custom content, you can benefit from the hundreds of readily available cardiology specific exam and procedure reports such as for CAD, CHF, Chest Pain, Angina created by your fellow cardiologists, This physician reviewed, evidence based, best practice derived content helps you get started right out of the box.

Cardio Risk Assessment: An innovative, non-invasive cardio risk assessment technology that efficiently measures cardiovascular health for a range of patients.

Integrated EKG Management System: The integrated EKG Management System digitizes EKG objects and attributes and stores it directly into the EHR. This yields a consolidated patient record that contains necessary data to be incorporated in notes and reports.

Device and PACS Integration: We make practicing cardiology easier by collaborating with leading vendors such as Midmark and Welch Allyn provide device interfaces for EKG, Stress, Holter, Spirometer and ECHO, in addition to other diagnostic and imaging equipment. All captured data can be automatically populated into reports eliminating duplicate data entry and allowing physicians to be more efficient with their documentation.

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CureMD Practice Management & Electronic Health Records


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System can be purchased as an integrated PM/EHR suite or standalone PM/EHR system