• Receive a $750 cash rebate and $375 for each additional provider.*

    For chiropractic practices, there’s never been a better time to adopt an EHR solution, and now with Lytec® MD, it’s never been easier with complimentary chiropractic templates. Lytec’s chiropractic templates enable quick and complete documentation, allowing you to bill more accurately, resulting in higher levels of reimbursement. The electronic health
  • Buying EHR Systems – Make Training a Purchasing Factor

    How to Assess EHR / EMR Systems Training and Implementation Training and implementation are key factors that drive the success and satisfaction you receive from any EHR software. Why is it so important to discuss these areas in detail before you make a purchase? Simply, becoming proficient at using your
  • In-house vs. Outsourcing Medical Billing

    Pros and Cons of Medical Billing Solutions Outsourcing your medical billing is a smart move for many medical practices. Explore the thoughts of industry experts comparing in-house coding and billing to hiring a medical billing company. Outsourcing medical billing can make some people nervous yet it is a common topic
  • Medical Billing Services 2019

    Medical Billing Services 2019 For smaller medical practices and clinics, medical billing services are often an ideal alternative to tying up a small staff on revenue cycle management using EHR software. This article presents the advantages of using a medical billing and management service in the United States. What are
  • Medical Billing Software 2019

    Medical Billing Software Learn about the advantages of using medical billing software to improve your revenue cycle management process. What is Medical Billing and Coding Software? In a nutshell, it is software to facilitate efficiency in creating, filing, tracking, and recording payments for healthcare services. Medical billing software has traditionally
  • Electronic Health Records Errors – How to Avoid HIPAA Trouble

    HIPAA Trouble and EHR Implementation – How to Avoid Legal, Ethical Issues Learn how you can avoid legal issues with electronic medical records management. Get tips on best practices to manage EHR / EMR security, privacy concerns and avoid problems causing HIPAA violations. HIPPA and the EMR EHR Environment HIPAA
  • Medical Revenue Cycle Management

    Revenue Cycle Management Revenue Cycle Management is a key part of managing the business side of a medical practice. The best medical practices, clinics and hospitals have mastered merging the clinical and business functions. RCM goes far beyond simply managing billing. RCM enables you to see where your money is
  • Lytec 2020 Upgrade – New Features and More Benefits

    Lytec 2020 – The Best Medical Practice Software Lytec© 2020 is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution. The software is designed to simplify the way you run your medical practice. With each new release, Lytec medical practice management software gets better and more powerful. Every upgrade improves the
  • EHR Medical Software Programs

    CureMD Electronic Healthcare Records Software This article provides an overview of the CureMD All-in-One EMR software solution for medical practice management. We will introduce the practice management software features that make CureMD among best medical software for clinicians. Why Use EHR Systems Medical software programs empower you to improve the
  • EMR Security, Privacy and HIPAA Compliance

    Protecting Electronic Medical Records and Medical Practice Liabilities EMR discussions usually focus on what are the best EMR systems and specific functionalities. Most medical practices shopping for one of the best medical software programs overlook two very important considerations – EMR security and HIPAA compliance. Read further to learn why