Benefits of HIPAA Compliant Software

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a legislative act that was passed to protect the privacy and rights of all personal health information. As a result of this law many hospitals will issue a security number which must be presented by any family members or guests who wish to visit any patient. This number will also allow certain family members to get updates on the health of the patient. Lytec software has been in the business of protecting people’s privacy for over 20 years. The makers of Lytec are experienced in applying the principles of the HIPAA laws and are committed to the standardization of data and how it is handled to protect privacy and confidentiality through Lytec software.

Their Lytec software helps the client provide a secure environment for their confidential information. Lytec software conforms to the HIPAA rules and standards and they also help the vendor understand the importance of the software and the proper use of the software. Their HIPAA compliant software helps the healthcare provider focus on the patient care by creating a common standard by which information is dealt with. HIPAA guidelines greatly affect the entire medical community including drug stores, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and even nursing homes. Failure to comply with the laws can result in federal prosecution, so HIPAA compliant software is a way to protect the privacy of patient health information and ensure the law is being followed properly. To a degree, the HIPAA laws apply to home, health care and hospice patients. Many of the software programs available are simple and easy to understand and can save the costs of expensive consultants. An effective program will cover all aspects of compliance including sending and receiving of e-mails.