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Advantages of Electronic Claims Processing

Many people are wondering nowadays whether technology is really useful or it’s only a thing that we got accustomed to and on which we never seem to have all the necessary information. Still there are some who would never give up using software and technology in their businesses. And they might be right. By using specific software and electronic processing methods, the work is significantly decreased on behalf of the people.

There is a lot of argument about electronic claims processing when is comes to medical issues. More and more insurance companies, if not all of them already, require their clients to adopt these electronic claims processing methods as to ease the work. But what are the advantages of using paper claims vs. electronic claims?

First of all, electronic claims processing reduces all the paperwork involved. There are even cases in which paper claims are no longer accepted. This leads to the fastening of the payments and also to reducing the costs.

Secondly and probably more importantly, by using the electronic claims processing methods, the errors are much easier identified and therefore corrected. If, for instance, you submit a claim on paper, although it might be received and processed, you never receive and answer from the insurance company you’ve sent it to. After 30 days, you might want to check the status of your claim and only then be informed upon the issues that might have arisen, such as spelling errors or incorrect data. Obviously, you have to resend the claim and wait for the whole process to start over. With electronic claims processing, on the other hand, you can be sure your claims are received in a proper state. The system sends you a report within the first 24 or 48 hours upon your submission, letting you know whether you claim was properly received or not, or whether it had errors or not. All you have to do is have someone check the reports on a regular basis, and wait for the whole electronic claims processing to take its course.

Of course, skeptics might say that this does not really reduce the work involved; it only reduces the amount of time. Even so, you have to carefully consider the advantages provided by the time saving. You might be surprised how electronic claims processing can ease your work and contribute to the improvements in your service.


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