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About Software Chiropractic

Technology modifies various aspects of the way things are done, so it is also stretching its reach and improving the field of chiropractic medicine. By contributing knowledge from the various aspects of their fields, medical professionals, industrial and software engineers developed innovative solutions to prevent injuries. Ergonomics is a branch of industrial engineering that studies and develops new equipment that ensures the most natural form of the physiology. By combining the engineer’s expertise with a chiropractor’s knowledge, a software chiropractic that can compute and detect stresses in the spinal cord took shape.

Chiropractors use various software, and the most basic one available is the 3D modeling software chiropractic that allows patients to view a computer rendered view of the bone structure, while the chiropractor explains the injuries. This type of powerful software chiropractic allows the doctor to pinpoint specific vertebrae in the spinal cord while the injury is displayed on the screen. Possible scenarios that test the spinal cord when certain stresses are applied can be simulated using software chiropractic. This type of software is used to study the possible causes of stress and injuries to the back. Chiropractors can share their discoveries with their patients, advising them on how to maintain postures that will help them prevent such injuries. Another version of software chiropractic, and a very popular application in the field of professional sports, is the use of this type of simulation software combined with a motion capture apparatus. These advanced technologies will permit medical professionals to advise athletes on proper posture and form, not only for preventing injuries, but also for better performance.

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