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8 Signs Your Practice Management Software is Outdated

Are you concerned that your practice management solution is outdated? If so, you’re not alone. A 2014 survey conducted by Software Advice has concluded that 63 percent of the medical practices that are already using practice management software are looking to buy new software this year.
Not sure if it’s time to trade in your old software for new? The following signs will make it clear whether your old software is fine or if you need to make a switch.

  1. Your Software Can’t Handle Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Your medical practice needs to be prepared for the following regulation deadlines:

If your software isn’t current, it isn’t designed to handle these regulatory requirements. Check with your vendor about upgrades or new software. The initial investment will pay off in the long run.

  1. Your Software is No Longer Supported

If the software you are using is no longer supported, it’s a time bomb just waiting to go off. Don’t wait until the day it quits working to find a replacement. You will risk losing time, patients and even breaking regulations if you don’t act in a proactive manner.

  1. Your Staff Complains that the Software Makes Their Jobs Harder, Not Easier

A common problem with older software is that it is cumbersome to use. Ask your staff if the software:

    • Is difficult to learn how to use
    • Takes too many steps to accomplish simple tasks
    • Decreases productivity
    • Doesn’t match the office workflow (or worse yet, interrupts or disrupts office workflow)

Basically, you want to find out if your current software improves office efficiency and organization. If not, it’s time to take a look at the new options available.

  1. The Software Doesn’t Integrate with Other Software

If you’re trying to work with multiple software packages, you will find that integration becomes a problem. This is especially true if you’re using a custom practice management software, and now you’re trying to add electronic health records (EHR) that were made by a different company. You will probably find that you are best off if you ditch the legacy software and invest in a comprehensive suite that is built to handle all your needs.

  1. The Software is Glitchy

Do you have reboot often just to get it to work? Are you finding that certain functionalities aren’t working? Do pages take a long time to load?

If the software is unreliable or doesn’t perform as advertised, it’s time to get new software. You’re probably losing time and money every day and receiving complaints from frustrated staff members.

  1. The Software Doesn’t Provide a Patient Portal

Patients know about this feature, and they are coming to expect medical providers to use a patient portal. Patients want to be able to:

    • Refill prescriptions online, without having to call in
    • Get questions answered through email
    • Get test results and health recommendations electronically
    • Have access to their health information 24/7 in a secure medium

If you want to meet the expectations of your patients and remain current in healthcare technology, your office needs the enhanced communication tools provided through a patient portal. Learn more about patient portals here.

  1. The Software Doesn’t Offer Specialty-Specific Templates

If you are a specialty medical practice (i.e. a chiropractor or podiatrist), you need software that features customizable templates and is designed to fit the unique needs of your specialty. If you’ve been trying to use generic software, you’ll find it is very difficult to record information and bill claims without jumping through hoops and doing a lot of extra work.

Take a look at the difference a specialty-specific template can make and you’ll see why the investment pays for itself.

  1. The Software Lacks Specific Features or Functionality

Have you often wished your practice management software would perform a particular function? If your software is more than a couple years old, that desired feature or functionality is probably available in new software. You’ll be amazed at how far medical practice software has come in the past couple of years – the advancements have come fast and furious, especially as the government has dictated specific requirements through Meaningful Use. Make a list of desired features and talk to a MediPro Sales Consultant to discover new possibilities.

Interested in New Medical Practice Software? MediPro Inc. Can Help
Here at MediPro Inc., we offer the most current software in the industry. Use our live chat, shoot us an email or check out our videos to discover what the latest software can do for your medical practice.

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