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5 Features of Best Podiatry EMR/EHR Software

If you’re frustrated with your EMR/EHR software, you’ve probably invested in software that was created for a general medical practitioner’s office, not podiatry EMR software. This is a common problem, something that is hindering podiatrists across the country as they try to get in step with the recent changes in medical records/health records expectations.

If you’ve recently invested in software, you may feel discouraged and wonder if it’s worth it to change to a new software package. Tailored podiatry EMR software is designed to meet the needs of a podiatrist’s office. Just as your staffing needs differ from that of a hospital, your podiatry software requirements are also very specific.

Take it from Eric J Lullove, podiatrist and MediPro customer, who says in his testimonial: “I know the cost incursion is tough, but sometimes it’s worth it financially to be at peace with your ability to have an electronic office that is easier to use.”

As you research software, you’ll want to look for the following features for optimal podiatry EMR software that will meet the needs of your office:

1. Specialized Podiatry Templates

You will want to buy software that provides specific pre-built podiatry templates that will automatically fill CPT coding, review systems, facilitate prescription of medication, and accommodate podiatry-specific illnesses and complaints. For example, you will want software that provides templates for conditions such as:

·    Ankle fractures

·    Foot pain

·    Foot infections

·    Foot ulcers

·    Ingrown toenails

·    Amputation

These templates should be set up such that they automatically populate the correct information – eliminating the possibility of duplicate data entry, enabling podiatrists to document in an efficient and secure manner.

2. Meaningful Use Certified

You want to take advantage of the Meaningful Use incentive payments, right? Make sure you buy software that is, at the very least, Meaningful Use certified with ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification. Be sure to ask about progress towards 2014 certification, as you will need to keep up with the evolving requirements. Your office can receive thousands of dollars in incentive payments if you qualify and follow the Meaningful Use guidelines.

3. Small Office Capabilities

Most podiatry offices are small practices or independent practices. Software that is designed for a hospital or expansive general practice clinic will provide features and functionality your office does not require, while ignoring the particular needs of a smaller practice. Look for software that takes into consideration the particular needs of a podiatrist who may need to refer out to a hospital or surgeon, but keeps most of the business in house.

4. High Security Standards

You know how important patient confidentiality is. Make sure the software you choose complies with all HIPAA standards and will protect patient-doctor confidentiality in regards to all aspects of communication. This is includes patient-doctor communications (healthcare portal), e-prescribing and sharing of health information with proper consent and signatures.

5. Ongoing Training and Support

You may think you can go without ongoing training and support, but you are bound to run into roadblocks, especially if your office staff is not very tech-savvy. By choosing podiatry EMR software that comes with continuing support], you will:

·      Overcome employee resistance to usage of the software

·      Learn how to use all the features to maximize your ROI

·      Keep current with changes when new healthcare requirements mandate compliance.

·      Get help when software updates need to occur.

Employees will appreciate the customer service provided. You can have the best software in the world, but it won’t be of any use to your office if nobody knows how to use half the features.

Choosing the Best Podiatry EMR/EHR Software

MediPro has been helping podiatrists select, implement, upgrade and use software since 1995. We know the podiatry business, and we know how to tailor EMR/EHR software so it will meet your office’s needs. Schedule a demo or contact us to get personalized information via our contact form. We’ll help you find the perfect software for your podiatry office.

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